Twelve Apostles engagement session

A Twelve Apostles engagement session The 12 Apostles are absolutely one of the most spectacular and evocative places in all of Australia. Large boulders resting in the ocean’s waters, flanked by high cliffs that descend steeply onto a beach of light sand. It was here...

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Christmas engagement session in Venice

Dreamy Christmas engagement session in Venice In these years, we had the opportunity to see Venice with different lights and different climatic conditions. We saw it light up with the first light of dawn and dye with gold thanks to the setting sun. But we had never seen it...

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Engagement session in Trieste

Engagement session in Trieste in the early morning Prematrimoniali a Trieste The morning light has a charm all its own…isn’t it? As madly in love with the warm, golden light of sunset, I find that the atmosphere of the morning is unique in its kind, particularly, perhaps because you...

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