Romantic destination wedding in Italy | wedding photographer Treviso

Romantic destination wedding in Italy – wedding photographer Treviso

wedding photographer Treviso

It was a late summer day. The sun made its timid appearance from time to time behind clouds filled with water, but it was there and would have illuminated, with perfect timing, the moment of the outdoor ceremony.

From the window of the room where Ester was preparing, you could see the place where they would get married, and occasionally she pulled up the curtain to take a peek … the curiosity to see the dream come true was uncontrollable.
And then, while she was putting on makeup, I saw that Christopher, the groom, had arrived. He wore a splendid uniform of his nation, Sweden, and was embracing the first guests who had reached the location.
Windows closed and curtains pulled to obscure the view … and in the meantime, the emotion became more intense.

When Ester went through the door that separated her from her future husband and headed for him, waiting for her in the park next to the villa, the tears were uncontrollable. Affection and love could be perceived perfectly. The guests had come from all over the world to witness that moment so full of meaning and joy.
The ceremony was touching and simply beautiful, romantic and elegant. It was a day of celebration and relaxation, of those designed just to share their happiness with the important people of their lives and so was, from morning to night, from preparations to dancing after the reception!

The team:
Mua: Atelier86
Hairstylist: Giemme Snc di Ferro Monica e Lubiato Giulia
Flowers: Fioreria Tronchin Rina, Treviso
Location: Villa Pera Pianzano
Music at the ceremonyChiara & Stefano
Music at the receptionDjs for party
Photography: Ilaria&Andrea
Vi auguro una splendida giornata,

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