Portopiccolo Wedding

Giulia and Andrea’s sunshine wedding 

Sport unites, it crosses borders and it shortens distances. It is able to make your heart beat in a special way and engage like never before. And when a sporting person gets married, you can imagine what an incredible atmosphere surrounds that wedding. Giulia and Andrea felt the warmth of all the people who came to witness their “Yes, I do”, they shared with them tears of joy and indescribable emotion. Seeing how much affection was surrounding them in their big day was a real joy for the heart and between laughter and hugs, they gave unforgettable moments to all those present.

The moment that made everyone’s eyes light up? Surely the ceremony! White chairs placed in a semicircle filled the lawn in front of the altar. An arch of flowers and a white carpet traced the path that would lead Giulia to her future husband. Above their heads, a blue sky and the leaves of the trees to protect them from the sun. It was magical and the singer’s soft voice made everything even more engaging. I don’t deny that I had goosebumps several times during the outdoor ceremony and those guests could confirm the intensity of the feelings that hovered in the air.

In the post dedicated to their engagement session I had anticipated how Andrea and Giulia would keep us to make their guests live an unforgettable day. Well, at the end of the ceremony, in a place nearby, imagining the heat that would have been, they had set up the “snow cones” station … a success! A beginning of party with flakes, which continued in Portopiccolo, on the seashore and at sunset. The view was breathtaking and the golden sky was the background to their first photos of husband and wife … we couldn’t have wished for more!

Location: Portopiccolo Sistiana
Video: Juliet Creative Factory – wedding film
Fotografia: Ilaria&Andrea

Vi auguro una splendida giornata,


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