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An unforgettable day

Thinking about Angela and Gianluca’s wedding, there are definitely two things that come to my mind: a wish to be together and have fun!
Already from the morning, while Angela walked from room to room, first talking to her friends and then going to take a look at her dress I could understand that she could not wait to enter in the church and see Gianluca and meet his look. She was thrilled with the only thought of living that moment.

From the preparation room window, we could see the catering staff at work. They were setting up an infinite expanse of round tables ready to host the tide of guests who came to celebrate the couple. The day was wonderful and the wind moved Angela’s gown… it seemed the sea waves … a charm! It was all so delicate. The bouquet of pink and white peonies, a ribbon in the waist to recall the color of the flowers and an emotional smile on the face of the bride. She was so sweet when, during the vows, her voice broke off because of the emotion of the moment, then resumed after a deep breath.

The whole day was a succession of celebrations and twists. At dusk, when the sky began to bluish, the tables lit up with a warm light … a wonderful glimpse! There were many relatives and friends present at wedding. A very great party for Angela and Gianluca culminated in unrestrained dancing and raised glasses. Everyone wanted to toast to them and their dream.

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– hairstyle and makeup: Linda Tonsa of Dessange
– bride’s dress: Atelier Emè
– music and illumination: GP eventi
– Reception location: Susans Castle
– catering: Coquina Floreani

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