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A seaside wedding

Marriages are the union of two stories, two realities, two people who choose to share, from that moment on, the rest of their life together. These are moments of happiness in which a person is completely overwhelmed by emotions and in which it seems to live constantly in a dream. But that’s not just any dream: it’s your dream!

The great day of Roberta and Erim took place under the banner of the joy and great affection that friends and relatives have shown to this couple. The words that the couple has exchanged during their promises have sent a tear to those who were present at that time and the speeches of the witnesses have excited everyone, alternating moving moments to others full of laughter.

Imagine living all this immersed in the splendid location of Portopiccolo, overlooking the sea while you admire one of the most characteristic areas of the Gulf of Trieste. The clear water under our feet and a blue sky above our heads, the clink of glasses to toast this married couple and the laughter in the background, accompanied by the sound of the waves.

The typical details of Erim’s culture, the Turkish one, gave an even more personal touch to this wedding. I really liked the way this couple was able to represent two different cultures making them fit perfectly through small details, but above all I’m happy to have been able to take part in that day so full of feelings and goosebumps.

Wedding location: Portopiccolo 
Catering: Falisia Portopiccolo
Music: Luca Bitti

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