Twelve Apostles engagement session

A Twelve Apostles engagement session

The 12 Apostles are absolutely one of the most spectacular and evocative places in all of Australia.     

Large boulders resting in the ocean’s waters, flanked by high cliffs that descend steeply onto a beach of light sand.     

It was here that Karen and Alessandro were photographed to remember the time of their engagement, a few days before their wedding. 

There were very emotional moments, made of laughs and looks accomplices, but also long hugs and full of meaning.     

For them this was not just a great achievement, but the real realization of their dream that led them in this Australian adventure.     

We were walking barefoot, walking along the beach and enjoying the heat of the summer that had just begun there, and I thought about the winter we had left in Italy and that would welcome us again soon … and I enjoyed every single moment, thinking only of the two people we were photographing, people who became our friends.  

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