Tokyo part 2: our trip to Japan

The second part of our trip to Japan

I’m back, ready to tell you the final part of our trip to Tokyo. In the previous post I had already given you a taste of how was life in Tokyo, between unusual scenarios for us and scenes of everyday life. In this post I will show you my dream come true … and not only!

I start this post with one of the most absurd districts of the city: Akihabara. A place where the Manga culture is everywhere, fills the streets and shops and covers the facades of the buildings in that area. Seeing girls disguised as Manga characters isn’t strange, even though most of them don’t want to be photographed and you know why? Their parents don’t know it and if they came to discover the disguise, it would not be good … let’s leave them in anonymity (even if with my Fuji in silent mode some shot I did it. It was impossible to resist!). The entire main street was full of shops selling everything from cartoon or famous TV series gadgets, to socks and t-shirts depicting Minions, Hello Kitty and unseen characters. Walking along that street and hearing different music coming from every place, watching all the quirks that were proposed and seeing how many people were attracted to that world made me feel enveloped in a surreal atmosphere.

The cherry trees in bloom had by now reached the maximum of their bloom and we could admire them in various corners of the city, but in the days that would follow, we would have waited for a visit to one of the most important parks in the city, where the cherry trees are so impressive that form almost a flowered tunnel.

We had reached Shibuya where the most crossed intersection in the world is located. Crossing it was really like taking a dip in a sea of people!

Near by, about twenty minutes on foot, we found ourselves walking inside a park where silence and tranquility reigned. It seemed to have been catapulted into another reality, totally different from what we had experienced even half an hour before. The park was immense, as was the path that led to the Meiji Shrine.

And the light that was there at that moment? Just wonderful.

On these wooden tablets, the people who visited the Sanctuary could leave a message, a prayer or a wish. They were really many.

This is Enrico, always looking for a drink almost impossible to find … but in the end, just that evening, here it is!

That morning the sky was clear and the sun lit up the city. The perfect day to make my dream come true!

It was time to visit one of Tokyo’s biggest parks: Park Ueno. Looking at the pictures of cherry blossoms on the Internet, I had often imagined walking under that roof of pink and white flowers, but my imagination was far from reality. I do not know how many meters I walked along the main avenue of the park with the nose up, with the slowed pace and the eyes that shone. I was there and I was living one of the events I had always wanted to attend. The amount of flowers, the majesty of the trees and the way the light illuminated the context … it was all magical.

Here we lost our credibility, but as real tourists we could not escape a similar experience! What have we done? I’ll show it to you right away!

Here we are! Strictly on the pink swan, to be sober and go unnoticed!

Every time the wind blew a little louder, a shower of petals fell on us.

A child friendly signage!

The temples are really scattered throughout the city and there are wonderful, like this, where we found a series of red doors set one after the other, to form a path. Walking under it was exciting.

We stayed a while in that park, to admire what surrounded us and to enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility typical of places like this. When it was almost evening, we headed back to the Park Ueno to admire the illuminated cherry trees … and it was a show!

Just that evening he was holding a big party in the park where everyone could participate. A giant picnic under the blossoming trees … it was a very suggestive dinner, don’t you think?

Once we had finished the walk under those trees, I was still incredulous to have walked under such a quantity of flowers. It had been splendid and I was happy.

The following day a little trip out of town was waiting for us to get a closer look at Mount Fuji. We took the train and the bus and we headed to the Chureito Pagoda, a panoramic place from which you can admire the volcano with a pagoda in the foreground.

Even in this little town at the foot of the Chureito Pagoda, there were drinks distributors. The grape-flavored Fanta was irresistible.

To reach the Pagoda, we had to climb a series of infinite steps … Japan was keeping us fit!

Here the cherry trees had not yet blossomed and we thought we were only a two-hour drive from Tokyo, because here, a week before, it had snowed a lot, blocking the flowering process, but still remained a wonderful view to admire.

Photo-memory in the classic Japanese pose! Inevitable!

Once back in Tokyo, we returned to one of the most chaotic neighborhoods, Shinjuku, to spend the evening there!

We got lost walking in the streets of that district, illuminated by the tide of neon lights present outside the premises, until we came across another beautiful temple …

… and in an absurd place, in the heart of the night life of the city, where you can see robots 3 meters tall and controlled by girls in bikinis. We stopped at the entrance to the restaurant and it was already a whole program!

Our journey was coming to the end and despite having already spent more than a week, we continued to marvel at every corner of the road fascinated by everything around us.

The surprises were not finished yet. We were heading to an area that could be reached by a very special train: an unmanned train!

Don’t worry, we didn’t suddenly end up in New York! But why is there a Statue of Liberty in Tokyo? We were amazed to see it there, but then we discovered that a copy of the statue had been donated from France to Japan in ’98 to celebrate trade between the two nations at that time. In any case, seeing it there was a strange effect!

It was our last day and Tokyo was saying goodbye with a beautiful sunset!

It was born as an unexpected journey, completely unscheduled and turned out to be one of the most exciting ever made. The Japanese culture, their lifestyle, the Japanese people with their quirks and an environment so far from what we are used to has won us over. The ten days spent there have been full of new experiences and have filled our eyes with truly unique landscapes and temples which we will always keep a wonderful memory of and which have definitely made us fall in love with Japan.

I wish you a wonderful day,


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