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The power of pictures

The power of pictures

A year ago.

It seems incredible how much these 365 days have passed so quickly. My mind returns to that day, relives the memories of what was happening, and everything seems so unreal. Is it a dream or has it really happened? We were so happy that we felt we were living in another person’s body … we didn’t believe we could experience such a great and irrepressible joy, of those that almost turn our heads!

Yet we were there and we were living our dream … and it was all true!

Never as after our wedding have we fully and deeply understood the immense value of photographs and film of a wedding. Over time, you want because that day you are too excited to enjoy every moment with clarity, or because some memories become less clear as you move away from that day, the only thing that remains are the photos and the video of your big day.

These have the power to make you go back in time, transport you back to that place, at that moment, while you are repeating the same emotions. The photos have a unique power: they are a wonderful time machine.

When Andrea told me what he had in mind, I immediately welcomed his idea. I knew it wouldn’t be as easy to accomplish as it seemed, but if it was successful, it would have come out a crazy effect. We leafed through the images of our wedding, printing what could represent the various moments of that day, and we headed to places that have seen us live unforgettable emotions that day.

Being in front of the church before, and in the location of the reception then, almost a year away, made us a certain effect. But the real emotion was to implement the project we had thought of and see it realized before our eyes.

While we were positioning the photos in front of our eyes, Andrea and I felt the same sensation. Around us the noises became more muffled, and the scene portrayed in the picture presented itself as if it were happening at that moment. It seemed like time had never passed, that it was still all true and real like that day, that we were still living that unforgettable day.

We heard the background music that accompanied us during the buffet, we heard the laughter of the guests, the warmth of the sun that had illuminated that day and that unstoppable happiness. We had goose bumps. And not only because it was incredible what we were trying, but because we had fully realized the immense importance of the photographs we had taken in the same place for our married couples, the memories we had created for them and the moments we had captured and of which they were completely unaware.

If you can, try to reproduce this project, even if you put the screen of your mobile phone in front of you, even for the daily photos you take every day. The feeling you will experience is unique! You will seem to take a journey through time. Yes, because in this way, you will taste the power of images.

I wish you a wonderful day,


A special thanks goes to the managers of Baronesse Tacco for allowing us to realize this project and to Fer Juaristi for creating for us timeless memories.

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