San Salvatore Castle wedding – Ilaria&Andrea Photography

San Salvatore Castle wedding Today I wanted to tell you about this San Salvatore Castle wedding in Treviso because the atmosphere and the sunset they had were simply crazy! Already in the early morning, one could feel in the air that frenzy and excitement typical of preparations, but at the same time that impatience to […]

Italian Castle wedding in Trieste – Ilaria&Andrea Photography

Italian Castle wedding I am really happy to tell you about this Italian Castel wedding in Trieste. From the bastion of this Castle you can enjoy a wonderful view over the whole city of Trieste and its gulf and on that day, when the sun had shown up after almost two weeks of rain, I […]

Boho destination wedding in Italy – Ilaria&Andrea Photography

Boho destination wedding in Italy Today I talk to you about this boho destination wedding in Italy. More and more couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding in the fall, a season that knows how to give wonderful colors as much as spring or summer. The temperatures are milder and the colors of the sunset […]

Marriage in Italy: between sea and love | Ilaria&Andrea Photography

An amazing marriage in Italy Telling the true emotions, authentic moments and situations as they happen is the best way to immerse oneself in those moments, even if they didn’t experience them firsthand. Today I really want to let you experience the marriage in Italy of this couple through their wedding reportage. What does the […]

Dolomites wedding in Italy | Ilaria&Andrea Photography

A Dolomites wedding in Val di Funes We always like to come back to these places to photograph a Dolomites wedding. Fresh air, those characteristic mountains that soar and push you towards the sky and the valleys where you can lose yourself with your eyes. These are all elements that fascinate not only foreigners who […]

Chic wedding in Italy – Baronesse Tacco | Ilaria&Andrea Photography

Chic wedding in Italy What I am talking about today is a perfectly organized chic wedding in Italy in which the references to Bella Vita have accompanied the entire day of the wedding. Italy is always a fascinating destination for foreigners who decide to realize their chic wedding in Italy and the euphoria and emotions […]

Rustic chic wedding in Italy | Ilaria&Andrea Photography

Rustic chic wedding in Italy Today I tell you about this rustic chic wedding in Italy at Villa Papafava Frassanelle, in the splendid “Parco Frassanelle” near Padua.As soon as I went to the bride to start taking pictures of her preparations, I was met with incredible affection and lots of happiness. The friends and parents […]

Destination wedding in Trieste | Ilaria&Andrea Photography

Destination wedding in Trieste Today I tell you about this destination wedding in Trieste at Villa Bonomo and how it was a wedding full of joy, union, feeling and emotions. Do you remember the engagement session of this couple? A photo shoot in Venice done completely under a relentless rain. On the day of their […]

Italian vineyard wedding in Baronesse Tacco | Ilaria&Andrea Photography

Italian vineyard wedding Photographing this italian vineyard wedding in Baronesse Tacco is always particularly exciting for us. This is the same location chosen for our wedding and returning to those places always arouses intense feelings. Anna and Mauro lived their great day with immense happiness and relaxation, surrounded by the great affection of their friends […]

Couple session in Venice | Ilaria&Andrea Photography

Couple session in Venice This couple session in Venice was really magic and amazing! Couple session, also called engagement sessions, are a photo shoot to do before wedding day. No matter how far in advance they are taken, the important thing is that they take place before the big day. This couple will really get […]

A winter wedding in Italy | Ilaria&Andrea Photography

Winter wedding in Italy How magical can a winter wedding on the top of a mountain be? This couple has really realized their dream … they wanted to exchange their vows and celebrate with friends and relatives in one of the places they love most: Mount Lussari in Tarvisio. And so it was! The first […]

Italian wedding inspiration in Villa Buonvisi

Italian wedding in Tuscany Italian wedding is a dream. Italy is a country full of wonderful landscapes, ancient traditions and excellent food and wine. Many couples, coming from all over the world, choose Italy to get married and among the preferred territories of the couples there is certainly Tuscany.This region offers wonderful expanses of meadows […]

Mountain wedding proposal | Ilaria&Andrea photography

A mountain wedding proposal I will tell you the story of this mountain wedding proposal. We love taking pictures of wedding proposals. The reactions are always different from the other … there are those who start jumping on the spot, those who scream and those who remain breathless and speechless, as in this case. Max […]

A Castle winter wedding | Ilaria&Andrea photography

Celebrating the wedding at the Castle of San Giusto in Trieste is a great way to be immersed in the history of the city while admiring the splendid view of the Gulf. This couple had chosen to marry a few days before Christmas and that magical atmosphere typical of this period has helped make that […]

Destination wedding in Australia – Melbourne

Karen and Alessandro’s destination wedding in Australia. Flying to Australia for a wedding was an indescribable experience that we still struggle to believe. We realize it only by looking at the pictures we took, while we think back to the wonderful moments we had in the company of these two guys and their families.December was […]

Twelve Apostles engagement session

A Twelve Apostles engagement session The 12 Apostles are absolutely one of the most spectacular and evocative places in all of Australia.      Large boulders resting in the ocean’s waters, flanked by high cliffs that descend steeply onto a beach of light sand.      It was here that Karen and Alessandro were photographed […]

Christmas engagement session in Venice

Dreamy Christmas engagement session in Venice In these years, we had the opportunity to see Venice with different lights and different climatic conditions. We saw it light up with the first light of dawn and dye with gold thanks to the setting sun. But we had never seen it adorned with Christmas lights that made […]

Our Best of 2018

Best of 2018: a year in review I am always surprised how every year is able to give us more and more and we are grateful about it, both from a professional and personal point of view. This 2018 gave us the opportunity to get to know really beautiful couples, with whom we have a […]

Behind the scene 2018

Our backstage We have just concluded our 2018 weddings season and that moment of the year has come when we look back, to take a look at what happened and what we did. And flipping through the photos of weddings, we inevitably stumbled into our “backstage”, with lots of laughter from us (also inevitable). Yes, […]

Behind the Picture: contextualize the photo

Contextualize the photo Contextualize the photo is one of the aspects on which we focus on each photo shoot. We like the idea to enclose in a single photo more stories and to immerse those who weren’t present at that moment, in the scene we are photographing. To do so, we use the elements we […]

Coast wedding Italy in the Adriatic Gulf | Trieste Photographer

Coast wedding Italy in the Adriatic Gulf Coast wedding Italy On the morning of the wedding, during the preparations, we will review all the steps that led to that day, the sleepless nights and the hours dedicated to thinking about every single detail. And that morning, minute by minute, we witness how each single piece […]

Dolomites wedding | Mountain photographer

A wonderful Dolomites wedding Dolomites wedding The sun was timidly making its appearance behind the mountains, drawing trails of light on the mountains. A light fog was thinning out as the temperatures got warmer, but you could already see that it would be a splendid day. When I arrived at the bride’s house, I was […]

Tuscan wedding | | wedding photographer Tuscany

A beautiful Tuscan wedding tuscan wedding The fame of the Tuscan landscapes is known. Beautiful sinuous hills that stretch out in sight, cypress trees that run along avenues and lush vineyards. This Indian-Irish couple had chosen one of the small Tuscan villages to make their Italian dream come true, a dream they would have lived together […]

The power of pictures |

The power of pictures The power of pictures A year ago. It seems incredible how much these 365 days have passed so quickly. My mind returns to that day, relives the memories of what was happening, and everything seems so unreal. Is it a dream or has it really happened? We were so happy that […]

Romantic destination wedding in Italy | wedding photographer Treviso

Romantic destination wedding in Italy – wedding photographer Treviso wedding photographer Treviso It was a late summer day. The sun made its timid appearance from time to time behind clouds filled with water, but it was there and would have illuminated, with perfect timing, the moment of the outdoor ceremony. From the window of the […]

Vineyard romantic wedding in Italy | wedding photographer Udine

A vineyard romantic wedding in Italy romantic wedding in Italy I’m a romantic person and you know it well and when I see lights illuminating to create a breathtaking atmosphere and an amazing sunset light, my happiness is skyrocketing! This is what happened in this wedding day and when the bride is a photographer, you […]

Engagement session in Trieste

Engagement session in Trieste in the early morning Prematrimoniali a Trieste The morning light has a charm all its own…isn’t it? As madly in love with the warm, golden light of sunset, I find that the atmosphere of the morning is unique in its kind, particularly, perhaps because you have fewer opportunities to photograph it. […]

Proposal photographer |

Proposal photographer | a surprise in Trieste proposal photographer Photographing a wedding proposal is a compelling challenge. You feels like spies. You look at any person walking by, looking for that couple. You have to be like tourists or just passers-by and when the fateful moment is about to come, click. You start shooting. And […]

Wedding photographer Trieste | | A Duino Castle wedding

Wedding photographer Trieste | A destination wedding at Duino Castle Wedding photographer Trieste Every wedding is a discovery. Admiring the care with which the couple organize that day and think about the various details, you can understand a lot about them and their story. You enter in their life, retracing the steps that led them […]

Wedding at Villalta Castle | Luxury wedding photographer in Italy

A castle wedding in Italy Each wedding is unique in its kind because what distinguishes it from others is the people who participate, first of all, the bride and the groom and this castle wedding in Italy was amazing. It is for this reason that every wedding is unexpected and original and I am always […]

Portopiccolo Wedding

Giulia and Andrea’s sunshine wedding  Sport unites, it crosses borders and it shortens distances. It is able to make your heart beat in a special way and engage like never before. And when a sporting person gets married, you can imagine what an incredible atmosphere surrounds that wedding. Giulia and Andrea felt the warmth of […]

Duino Castle wedding | Luxury wedding in Italy

Anna and Gabriele’s Duino Castle wedding in Italy A Duino Castle wedding is always a true marvel. We are located in the Gulf of Trieste, in a castle built on a cliff literally overlooking the sea. The wow effect is assured and the sunsets that can be enjoyed from the bastion always leave open-mouthed, filling […]

Sistiana Duino engagement shoot | Trieste wedding photographer

Together at sunset This couple’s Sistiana Duino engagement shoot have been a challenge against the weather. Dark clouds filled with rain were gathering around us and the sound of thunder echoed in the bay. But as often happens, the weather conditions that are thought to be the worst, always reserve great surprises on a photographic […]

Wedding at Portopiccolo | intimate wedding photographer in North Italy

A seaside wedding Marriages are the union of two stories, two realities, two people who choose to share, from that moment on, the rest of their life together. These are moments of happiness in which a person is completely overwhelmed by emotions and in which it seems to live constantly in a dream. But that’s […]

Tokyo part 2: our trip to Japan

The second part of our trip to Japan I’m back, ready to tell you the final part of our trip to Tokyo. In the previous post I had already given you a taste of how was life in Tokyo, between unusual scenarios for us and scenes of everyday life. In this post I will show […]

Tokyo part 1: our trip to Japan

The first part of our trip to Tokyo It was time to leave. We looked out of the windows of the Milan airport and were already fantasizing about what we would find in Tokyo. The food, the culture, the people who lived it … what was waiting for us? Was it really like it was […]

Behind the picture: a summer wedding in Italy

The beauty of nature It was summer and nature was delighting us with a beautiful sunset, warm tones and a dreamy atmosphere. The bride walked on the lawn, dragging her long dress on the tufts of grass. That vision was really enchanting. It was from the beauty of these elements that Andrea was inspired. In […]

Our honeymoon: Tekapo, Christchurch, Cook Islands

Last part of our honeymoon After having told you about the first and second part of our honeymoon, we are almost at the end of this incredible journey. The last place I talked about was Wanaka Lake, with its photogenic tree immersed in the lake, photographed from every angle! It was time to leave and […]

Our honeymoon: part 2. Queenstown, Milford Sound, Wanaka

The second part of our honeymoon Our tour of the northern part of New Zealand had ended and the experiences and wonders we had seen (and photographed) were already many. Now, we were waiting for a short plane transfer and we would meet in the south of the island, even more pristine, wild and full […]

Our honeymoon: part 1. Auckand, Coromandel, Wangamata, Rotorua

The first part of our honeymoon After having lived unforgettable moments during the preparations, the ceremony and the reception of our wedding, it was time to close the suitcases and leave for another dream: our honeymoon. That night we did not sleep much, in fact if I told you that we closed our eyes for […]

Our wedding: portrait and reception | wedding in Italy

Towards the end of an unforgettable day After living the part of the preparations in a surreal way and a ceremony that made us heart beat, it was time to reach the location again to kick off the party! The sky was now clear of clouds and the weather was a real wonder. It still […]

Our wedding: the ceremony | wedding in Italy

Our “yes, I do” Now it was time. That moment. The emotion that during the preparations had become more and more insistent as we approached the dressing, was now at unimaginable levels. It did not seem true to be there, with that dress on and ready to get in the car to head for the […]

Why we sold our Canon 5D mk IV to switch to Fuji

Canon 5D mk IV vs Fuji XT2 INTRODUCTION Many times in the last few years we have been asked about the equipment we use, about our technical choice or advice on cameras and lenses. It seemed to us the best solution to enclose in a section of the “specialist” blog all those topics that would […]

Our wedding: bride and groom preparation

The morning of our wedding day And here we are, to tell you the first chapter of our wedding day. I do not hide that the emotion in writing this post is so much because reviewing the images of that morning makes the heart beat faster. In some ways, even though more than four months […]

Behind the picture: here comes the bride

That moment so exciting With the birth of Ilaria&Andrea there were some news, some of which we had indicated in the article dedicated to the launch of the new brand, and others that we would reveal from time to time (who subscribes to the Newsletter knows it well, because discovers in advance what are the […]

Our wedding: our engagement session

The photos of our engagement session I had anticipated it and here I am, to write our engagement session’s post! This is the first of a long series of posts about our marriage and, in general, everything that has revolved around its organization. First of all, I’m happy to start with this article and publish […]

Selene and Jonathan: destination wedding in Italy at Formentini Castle

From Belgium to a Castle in the Collio International wedding have a particular flavor. Different cultures and traditions blend and merge perfectly because that day, whatever nationality, one thing binds everything: love for the couple and the happiness in seeing them make such an important step. Selene and Jonathan live in Belgium and were able to come […]

Elopement in Venice

An elopement in the most romantic city in the world Venice is always a good choice when it comes to romance. The historic buildings and the light reflected on the golden mosaics and on the lagoon water make it extremely magical. This Turkish couple has chosen Venice as a destination for their elopement, in love […]

Marianna and Francesco: boho wedding in Italy

A boho wedding with pink soft pink tones This boho wedding in Italy was really amazing! The word “organization” for Marianna is very familiar, commonplace. She organized her wedding in Italy in detail, even though she was doing this from Scotland and this did not frighten her. When I saw the result and all that […]

Maria and Stephan: alternative destination wedding in Italy

From Austria to Collio The Maria and Stephan’s destination wedding in Italy at Baronesse Tacco has surprised me under many points of view. Every wedding I attended was one different from the other. There was always something that characterized it and made it one of a kind. The original dress specially made for her, the sweet Magdalena who did […]

A Susans Castle wedding | Udine wedding photographer

An unforgettable day Thinking about Angela and Gianluca’s wedding, there are definitely two things that come to my mind: a wish to be together and have fun! Already from the morning, while Angela walked from room to room, first talking to her friends and then going to take a look at her dress I could […]

A Casa Gobbato wedding | Intimate wedding photographer in Italy

An elegant wedding in Italy Alessandra and Alberto had given us an anticipation of how sweet and delicate they were in their engagement at Park of Talking Tree in Treviso. They clasped each other and embraced themselves with great engagement. Alessandra’s expression, when I saw her that afternoon, a few hours before the ceremony, spoke […]

Wedding at Duino Castle Trieste – Italy

From England to Italy I love this wedding at Duino Castle. Kate is adorable and I realized that the beautiful words written in the first email. She was creating, step by step, the dream of their destination wedding in Italy, in a castle overlooking the sea. She dreamed peonies and flowers in soft colors, friends gathered […]

New brand, new website, us.

Ilaria&Andrea: a totally new brand Our happiness is through the roof in being able to finally tell you this news called Ilaria & Andrea. It was an idea we had been thinking about for a while and after our wedding it had strengthened even more. Thanks to the wedding we felt changed and different, for the […]