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Tokyo part 2: our trip to Japan

The second part of our trip to Japan I’m back, ready to tell you the final part of our trip to Tokyo. In the previous post I had already given you a taste of how was life in Tokyo, between unusual scenarios for us and scenes of everyday life....

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Tokyo part 1: our trip to Japan

The first part of our trip to Tokyo It was time to leave. We looked out of the windows of the Milan airport and were already fantasizing about what we would find in Tokyo. The food, the culture, the people who lived it … what was waiting for us?...

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Our honeymoon: Tekapo, Christchurch, Cook Islands

Last part of our honeymoon After having told you about the first and second part of our honeymoon, we are almost at the end of this incredible journey. The last place I talked about was Wanaka Lake, with its photogenic tree immersed in the lake, photographed from every angle!...

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