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Behind the picture: family portrait | Wedding in Verona

A special family portrait After our wedding, I understood even more how important family portraits are, in any form, whether they are more constructed portraits, or taken in completely spontaneous moments. As I climbed the stairs to the room where the bride was preparing, I saw a sideboard full...

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Behind the picture: a summer wedding in Italy

The beauty of nature It was summer and nature was delighting us with a beautiful sunset, warm tones and a dreamy atmosphere. The bride walked on the lawn, dragging her long dress on the tufts of grass. That vision was really enchanting. It was from the beauty of these...

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Behind the picture: here comes the bride

That moment so exciting With the birth of Ilaria&Andrea there were some news, some of which we had indicated in the article dedicated to the launch of the new brand, and others that we would reveal from time to time (who subscribes to the Newsletter knows it well, because...

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