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Sunset engagement session in Italy

sunset engagement session

In these days of September, when the air begins to get a little more fresh and the beaches begin to be less crowded, take pictures of couples by the sea, at sunset is very beautiful. The warm light that was there that day, made the atmosphere very relaxing and dyed the sea water of different shades. And then the scent of the sea made us feel on vacation.

With Eleonora and Tiziano we walked in the alleys of Grado, always so picturesque and truly deserted! The sun was setting and every area that lit up was ours. We love the light games that it is able to create!

And when, after small road, stories (on marriage) after stories, we arrived at the beach, we realized that we would witness a spectacular sunset … and so it was!

We were happy to be there and enjoy those last rays of light, while the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon. The time was spent quickly because when there is harmony and have fun, this happens. And who knows what surprises will reserve us for their wedding!

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