Sistiana Duino engagement shoot | Trieste wedding photographer

Together at sunset

This couple’s Sistiana Duino engagement shoot have been a challenge against the weather. Dark clouds filled with rain were gathering around us and the sound of thunder echoed in the bay. But as often happens, the weather conditions that are thought to be the worst, always reserve great surprises on a photographic level. What’s more, we had the beach all for us … in June, in the middle of summer, at sunset!

The sea was rough and the effect of the waves breaking on the cliff and on the beach made the context even more special. We were really lucky and so we used the time we had available until the thunder noise became more threatening.

For the whole duration of the photoshoot, there was always a smile on Martina and Nunzio’s lips and so much complicity between them. Seeing such a close-knit couple is always a great pleasure and if they were like that on their engagement session, I think that the wedding will reserve us great surprises!

Have a wonderful day,


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