Seaside engagement session in Italy | Intimate wedding photographer

With the sound of the waves

I love shooting seaside engagement session in Italy. Listening to the sound of the waves and being somewhat hypnotized by the way they crash on the rocks is something that always fascinates me.

It was morning and the beach was all for us, the sun was already starting to warm up the air and Rita and Davide were visibly excited. They told us about their wedding details and how the preparations were proceeding and while they were doing it, I could see that unmistakable glitter in the eyes of those who can’t wait for their big day to come.

Attending these moments in the life of a couple is exciting … we enter a little to be part of their lives, on tiptoe and with sensibility, imagining what will happen in their wedding day. Because during the engagement session we can already see how strong is the relationship that binds the couple, the harmony in every moment and the desire to laugh and have fun of those is happy … like them!

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