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San Salvatore Castle wedding

Today I wanted to tell you about this San Salvatore Castle wedding in Treviso because the atmosphere and the sunset they had were simply crazy!

Already in the early morning, one could feel in the air that frenzy and excitement typical of preparations, but at the same time that impatience to take that big step. Everything was going smoothly, they were perfectly on time and everything seemed to be under control, until the time came to wear the dress. At that moment, everything always happens because the self control that could be had up to that moment vanishes. One is too happy and excited that joy is uncontainable and wonderful things happen. And so it was because the affection of friends and that of parents was truly touching.

When Marta arrived at church, all eyes were on her, including those of her future husband. They were happy and visibly excited. Seeing them express their joy so spontaneously was amazing. They were just enjoying the moment and being there in the front row to capture those moments was a privilege.

Once the ceremony ended, we moved to celebrate the wedding at the Castle of San Salvatore. There the party began in an extremely suggestive atmosphere. Imagine hundreds of candles lit as the only source of light for a romantic and elegant dinner, a ceiling with wooden beams and a wonderful panorama that could be glimpsed outside the windows.

And then there was that moment, the sunset. This I will not tell you, but I will let you savor it through the images that you can see in the slideshow below!

Ok, click on the Play button to start watching the full reportage of this San Salvatore Castle wedding.

The team:
– Location: Castello di San Salvatore, Treviso
– Planning: Valentina Malacart Eventi&20
– Bridal dresses: Fausto Sari Atelier e Atelier Emé Treviso
– Groom suit: Boggi Treviso
– Catering: Guaiane, Noventa di Piave
– Dj: Davide Zanetti
– Flowers: Fioreria Simone, Treviso
– Cake: Artigiana Treviso
– Film: Wave
– Photography: Fotografi di matrimoni a Treviso: Ilaria e Andrea

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