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A vineyard romantic wedding in Italy

romantic wedding in Italy

I’m a romantic person and you know it well and when I see lights illuminating to create a breathtaking atmosphere and an amazing sunset light, my happiness is skyrocketing!
This is what happened in this wedding day and when the bride is a photographer, you don’t know what to expect, but you know it will be something beautiful.
When I saw her dress hanging behind closed doors, I had the answer: it was delicate and romantic, just as she had described it. A smile had been printed on her face because her day had been reached and I understood perfectly how intense her emotion was at that moment. After having lived and documented the weddings of her own couples, living your wedding day is even more exciting and in some ways it seems to live in the body of another person because the intensity of those feelings. Instead it’s all incredibly true.

The intensity of the moments made everyone move. We felt as part of a large family, even though we had just met them that morning.

It was all a succession of emotions, hugs and smiles. The atmosphere that we breathed was relaxed, joyful, of festivities and when that spectacular sunset came out, we couldn’t resist. It was the perfect moment to take pictures of the couple, immersed in a beautiful landscape among the vineyards.

I find incredible how this job allows us to enter in the lives of couples in such a short time. It is a perception for every nuance of the relationships that bind them to the people and their intensity. We are observers and storytellers at the same time. And we are always pleasantly impressed by how strong love is, how big the meaning of a hug or a simple caress is. They are unforgettable moments and are the moments we love to document.

The team:

Location: Villa Liruti
Mua: Valentina Macrì
Bridal Dress: Ida Torez
Music: MP Wedding PARTY
Flowers and candles: Studio Floreale
Photography: Ilaria&Andrea

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