A romantic Venice photo shoot | Ilaria&Andrea photography

A romantic Venice photo shoot with sunset light.

We love this romantic Venice photo shoot!

Each couple has its place of heart and that of Gabriella and Andrea was Venice. It was a beautiful sunny spring day and the city was full of tourists. So, we had fun taking unknown roads, getting lost in the calle of Venice, admiring really suggestive views and discovering areas never seen before. The beauty of this city is just that … getting lost to discover new wonders! This photo shoot in Venice has been a continuous discovery.

Afternoon light filtered through the buildings and created truly irresistible plays of light. You could breathe a typical spring air and being in the sun was very pleasant. Time literally flew by! In Venice it always happens this way: between one calla and the other and a bridge and the other, the minutes run at their own speed!

We show you some photos taken during this photo shoot in Venice and at the end of the post, if you wish to see more, you can find the slideshow!

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