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Proposal photographer | a surprise in Trieste

proposal photographer

Photographing a wedding proposal is a compelling challenge. You feels like spies. You look at any person walking by, looking for that couple. You have to be like tourists or just passers-by and when the fateful moment is about to come, click. You start shooting. And the emotion is strong because we are to be the narrators of what is the beginning of their adventure that will lead them to “Yes”. Each reaction is different from one another, but there is always one thing that remains unchanged: my goose bumps in those moments.

Seeing the couple tighten up and live without filters that moment is crazy. This is an intimate moment to be told tiptoed even more than usual!

The future husband had arrived in Italy a few days before, directly from Washington. He had organized everything to the smallest detail, we exchanged information on how we would be dressed (to recognize us at first sight) and the weather was on our side. An amazing sunset was before our eyes and would have been made even more special by that moment so magical.

Here they are … they just started walking on Audace Pier. They head towards its end, so as to fully admire the golden sky. They stop and … he kneels in front of her, showing her the box that contained his promise. On her face an uncontrollable joy!

And yes, she said “Yes I do!”.

Proposal photographer

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