Photographer-to-bride: what to wear for engagement photos

What to wear for engagement photos?

We know that we women are undecided in terms of clothing (more or less) and that looking at our closet we say that we have nothing to wear, let alone whether it is to choose which clothes to wear for the engagement photos! Ah disaster!

I tell you right away that there is no “type” clothing for engagement session because, in this case, many factors come into play, among which the most important is your personality. You have to find clothes that make you feel completely comfortable during the photo shoot … you will already be quite excited for the photos (at the beginning, we mean, because after a few minutes you will be amazed at how much you are enjoying this experience), let alone if you wear something uncomfortable or that makes you feel out of place. It would not be just the best of fun. You must try to reconcile your personality even with the look you would like to have in your engagement photos. Maybe you don’t wear elegant clothes, but for this very special photo shoot you would like to show off that dress that you don’t have the chance to wear (as long as you feel comfortable, remember!)? Then wear it!

Be yourself! Take a cue from the couples who were photographed earlier is fine, but don’t try to become what you aren’t.

Also wear accessories! I love the details and I think they give that extra touch even to the simplest outfit … I’m definitely not to be underestimated!

Take into account the color of your skin. Surely you will already know, but have you ever noticed how some colors give you better than others? Wear clothes of the color suitable for you, which stand out your skin tone and your eyes!

Another detail to keep in mind is the place you have chosen for your photo shoot. In some environments, certain colors stand out more than others, with a fabulous effect in photos. For example, if you decide to take a picture of yourself at the seaside, opt for colors that leave the water blue (otherwise you risk the chameleon effect!). Colors like red, white or pastel shades are perfect! If, on the other hand, your background will be very clear and little colored, be you to revive the context, daring with the colors!

Below you can see some examples of engagement photos that we have taken to our couples, in such a way as to make a little more real and concrete as you wrote above!

Spero proprio di esservi stata utile, perchè so quanto sia difficile la scelta degli abiti da indossare… è una questione tutt’altro che semplice 😀

Vi auguro una splendida giornata,


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