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Our “yes, I do”

Now it was time. That moment. The emotion that during the preparations had become more and more insistent as we approached the dressing, was now at unimaginable levels. It did not seem true to be there, with that dress on and ready to get in the car to head for the church … and to Andrea. The sun had made its appearance, hotter than expected. It illuminated the hills, giving the landscape its own beauty.

I remember that the journey from the location where we had prepared for the church had seemed to me longer than I had imagined, but the wonderful landscape was so splendid that it was a more than pleasant wait. In the distance I finally saw the Preval church surrounded by greenery. How many people would there have been? Andrea had already entered? A lot of questions passed through my mind, but the impatience of getting there was getting louder.

Ok, there were really a lot of people out of the church and I was so happy to see each of them that I could not greet them all because of the emotion. My head was focused only on Andrea and on that moment that I had told hundreds of times and that as a photographer I had always struck and moved. How would I react when I saw him waiting at the altar? I did not care much, I just wanted to see him.

This image is one of my absolute favorites. Every time I have the goose bumps because it allows me to relive that moment, which seemed to last me a blink of an eye, every time I want it. Seeing his shining eyes brings me back down the aisle and trying again that emotion is priceless.

Without even realizing it, we had arrived at the moment to exchange our promises and wedding rings. Would our niece have brought them? On Facebook Andrea, shortly before the wedding, had launched a survey about this and the answers had been more imaginative. She was perfect, she gave us the holder (a small piece of wood with moss), with a smile on her lips and a walk of a little model. Simply fantastic!

We were husband and wife. A dream come true. After so many years together, experiences, periods of life, difficulties and satisfactions, we were even more tied than before.

I always wondered how it was to receive all that amount of rice on me and I assure you that it is … extremely fun! The guests continued to empty the rice bags that we had prepared for a while, it seemed almost recreated, but it was a moment of immense joy. Impossible to describe how happy we were!

How wonderful to have lived all this. Having seen and felt the affection of all those people who were there for us, thanking them one by one, embracing them and spending time there, which was very important for us. Our past and future couples had come to witness our day, just as we had done (or will do) with them. How I say that this work brings us immense satisfactions I do not say it to say, but because it has allowed us to meet in recent years wonderful people with whom we have shared important stages of their lives and now also of ours.

This moment of our wedding day is one of the most beautiful memories that I keep in my heart and the emotion of that day is one of the most intense feelings I’ve ever experienced.

See you next week to tell you about the end of a day that was simply perfect for us.

Have a nice weekend!


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