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Towards the end of an unforgettable day

After living the part of the preparations in a surreal way and a ceremony that made us heart beat, it was time to reach the location again to kick off the party!

The sky was now clear of clouds and the weather was a real wonder. It still seems incredible to have had such a favorable weather on that day, seen the very strange September that we had just left behind, yet luck has really kissed us and we are immensely grateful for this.

We were walking the same road made just a few hours before separately and with a head full of fantasies and thoughts, but now we were together and we were husband and wife. A smile on our face had accompanied us since that morning and now it was more present than ever!

Fensye, the Golden of Andrea’s family, was very happy to be there with us and all that space she liked a lot!

We have timed a little outside the location so that all guests had time to sit in the area that had been dedicated to the buffet, starting to enjoy that wonderful landscape.

And then it was time to get together with all our guests and chat in total freedom with each of them! To see them in front of us, with the glasses raised, to toast that day so important for us, to see their smiles, to hear the words of affection … it was pure joy.

Catering has taken everyone’s heart. I’ll tell you something that always makes me smile when I think about it: in the months immediately after the wedding, when we met with the guests to tell about our honeymoon and know how they were on the wedding day, the first thing spoke was … the catering (ah not how beautiful were the bride and groom?: P). The variety, quality and quantity of food, accompanied by that sight, were at the top of the list of what was left in the mind. And we are very happy because we had chosen that location and that catering to make our guests live a pleasant, relaxing experience that remains in their hearts. Then of course they talked about how beautiful we were, but we know that they were, in fact, still referring to the buffet: P

Being there, in the same place where we had documented the love story of many couples, and living that married day was splendid. I admired the view, I saw guests having fun and relaxing and I looked at Andrea happier than ever … everything was perfect.

The sun was about to set and it was time to move to the table for lunch/dinner.

We had created an interactive tableux. Each person present in the leaflet (or couple depending on the case), took a picture with Instax and replaced the card with his name with the photo just taken. Now all those snapshots have been hung from a mirror in our home and every time I look at it, I see those people who made that day even more memorable!Lisa has kindly offered to take pictures at all … or was it forced by someone?

As markers and place markers, we wanted to recall the wood we love a lot. Each guest could thus bring home a disk with the name engraved!Including us, of course! The clothes made with napkins are the work of my mother … I do not know how she made them and where she found the idea (sure the “take away time called Pinterest”), but what matters is that it was a sweet thought!

And then here we are, entering the hall to start the lunch and the real party. We decided to combine this moment with the first dance, so that everyone could feel free to dance if they wanted to and then because Andrea is a shy person and we would have united two moments in which he was the center of attention in a moment (but do not tell him; P)

And surprisingly, without expecting it, we called the dance with the father of the bride and then with the mother of the groom … shining eyes to no end! This was a moment that was simply intense, exciting, unforgettable and a memory that I will always keep in my heart because the family is something not to be taken for granted, but always to be thanked. From that moment, the surprises started, the first of which was a song dedicated to us by Lisa and Andrea. They have enchanted everyone and have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you guys! This is the structure in which we ate. We love Baronesse Tacco and we really wanted to stay outdoors (always hoping for a good day), and eat as if we were outdoors, being able to enjoy that view all the time. But October is known, it is unpredictable. You can have a summer day or a winter day and so we have adopted this solution, and then in the evening it would have been very difficult to stay outdoors without being cold. The atmosphere inside this transparent structure was magical … even better than we imagined it!

We had arrived at sunset and the light was perfect for taking our portraits. The air was clear and the light was golden … what more could we ask for?

I literally loved every moment spent with Fer, our photographer, during these shots. His ability to put you at ease and make unforgettable shots was our greatest wish.

The evening continued among games, jokes and memorable speeches. We have exceptional witnesses, who besides having dedicated wonderful words to us, have concocted, together with our other friends, a video/parody of our life that makes us cry from laughing every time we watch it!

What can you do, I have a weakness for food! My beloved omelette!

It did not seem true that we had already reached the cutting of the cake. The guests had created a tunnel of stars (or bengal) that would have led us to the cake (Mug, you are outdated! It was so so good!). Lights, candles … the atmosphere was surreal and beautiful!

From then on, we danced on the track and savored that day until the last moment. We were almost done at the end of the day. We had organized that day for over a year and now it was almost all over. A bit of nostalgia is there, it is undeniable, but through the photos and video of our wedding we can relive it every time we want it!

This is another of those unforgettable moments of the day, when our friends from Verona, Enrico and Eleonora, after a weekend of weddings and more than three hours by car, have joined us to stay with us, maybe a few minutes, but to see us on such a happy day. Yes they are crazy, but we love them for this very reason!

What a thrill when we saw the video of our wedding for the first time. Reliving that day in four minutes was like being submerged again by all those wonderful sensations! Thanks to Giulia and Nico we can immerse ourselves on that day whenever we want and it will be like being there again, in that church, on that meadow at sunset and in the middle of the dance floor to dance!

Ilaria e Andrea – Matrimonio a Baronesse Tacco di Juliet Creative Factory su Vimeo.

This was our wedding day and I am happy to have shared it with you and to have made you participate on this significant day. Everything has happened, the emotions have been many and indescribable and still thinking about it I do not realize how lucky we were, both for the hot and sunny day, and for all that affection that friends and relatives have made us feel. We are grateful! Thank you!

I wish you a wonderful day,


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