Our wedding: our engagement session

The photos of our engagement session

I had anticipated it and here I am, to write our engagement session’s post! This is the first of a long series of posts about our marriage and, in general, everything that has revolved around its organization.

First of all, I’m happy to start with this article and publish it today, exactly four months from that day so special for us.

Our engagement session took place the day before the wedding … yes you understood: the day before, because until a few days before our “yes” we were still working to document the love stories of our couples of newlyweds. We had the fortune and the honor of having as a photographer a person simply incredible, who flew from Mexico to here to tell our story … but this is part of another article.

We were excited to be on the other side of the camera because, even if we had witnessed countless times the reactions of the future spouses during the engagement session, being the protagonists was quite another thing. It almost seemed like being in a movie.

As location of the photo shoot we chose one of the most typical places of our city because after having been there a lot of times we were curious to know how the same place was seen by a person who had never visited it, with new eyes and a completely different vision. And then yes, it is always a magical and wonderful place to admire our city, where you can breathe history and tranquility and where it is always nice to come back.

Finally, while we were going to have lunch, we passed in front of a structure known to all the people of Trieste and that apparently may seem unattractive, but for a light-loving artist, it was a playground. Probably many may seem strange, but as this place was exactly the opposite to where we had been for engagement session that morning, we knew that the result would be something incredible. And so it was!

From the moment we greeted Fer that morning we were happy, carefree and extremely comfortable. It was so strange that those were our engagement session. “Engagement session? The day before wedding day … wedding … tomorrow!”. Maybe it was a dream? Probably whoever is married will understand perfectly this state of mind, this excitement mixed with impatience and seasoned by a bit of fear for something that is unknown. But how wonderful was that feeling? And thanks to these images that now I will have turned through dozens of times, we can relive those moments, those emotions, go back in time and live that day again.

Thank you Fer for these simply incredible memories and to make us relive these emotions every time we browse these photos.

Have a wonderful day,

Ilaria & Andrea

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