Our wedding: bride and groom preparation

The morning of our wedding day

And here we are, to tell you the first chapter of our wedding day. I do not hide that the emotion in writing this post is so much because reviewing the images of that morning makes the heart beat faster. In some ways, even though more than four months have passed, it seems like all this happened yesterday!

In the article dedicated to our engagement session I told you how strange it was to be on the other side of the camera. They had been held the day before our wedding and now the impatience of knowing what would happen “tomorrow” was strong. Once we have finished our engagement session, we have recovered the mountain of boxes that would be used for the next day, full of details, gifts and of course, our clothes! We filled our car by showing us great tetris experts (you should have watched the scene!) and we left for Baronesse Tacco, where we would have slept that night, ready to start our big day in a place we adore madly!

It was a wonderful day, unusually hot to be almost autumn, the sky was clear and the sun covered everything with its golden light. And we were happy.

We were walking through the location with a head full of thoughts and emotion. It was normal to be there, but at the same time it was extremely strange because after having photographed several weddings in this magical place, this time we were the protagonists. And meanwhile the mind traveled with the imagination.

That morning the alarm had sounded before dawn. Outside the window the sky began to lighten and the gray clouds obscured the rising sun. But I did not care about it. This was our day and it would have been great regardless of the weather. Shortly after I woke up and had breakfast, everyone started coming, hairdresser, make-up artist, witnesses, parents. The room was filling with laughter and frenzy.

Men know, they can wake up even later. Their preparations last little compared to those of women, but the emotion is the same!

How I dreamed of this dress. As the day of our wedding was approaching, the more I wanted to wear it. That morning I watched it all the time, imagining the moment when I would wear it and walk towards Andrea. I was immediately struck by its lightness and its romanticism, with that touch of powder pink that has always fascinated me.

Meanwhile, in the men’s room toasts … and toast!

After having already begun to celebrate big, for Andrea it was time to get ready. It seemed surreal that it was really happening.

In my room the preparations were almost finished … it was coming that moment that I had imagined and imagined endlessly.

And after delivering my thoughts tomy bridesmaids and to have toasted together, I went to get the dress … that moment had arrived!

What a thrill to be seen by my dad … it’s a feeling impossible to describe, but the only thing I can tell you is that I was happy and impatient to see Andrea, hug him and hold him tight.

I wish you a wonderful day and see you again with the next chapter of our wedding!


Special thanks:
Michela: Un diavolo per capello for the hairstyle;
Elisa Lagazzo for the makeup;
Fioribri for the bouquets and the other wonderful flowers;
Atelier Fausto Sari for the amazing dress by Nicole Spose;
Fer Juaristi for these simply incredible images!

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