Our Best of 2018

Best of 2018: a year in review

I am always surprised how every year is able to give us more and more and we are grateful about it, both from a professional and personal point of view.
This 2018 gave us the opportunity to get to know really beautiful couples, with whom we have a strong connection from the first meeting and we are so happy about it.

The harmony and trust are two key aspects for us, which allow us to get the best out of each photo shoot and trust the couples have given us a lot, entrusting us with the memory of that day that marks an important stage in their lives.
And if in writing the post about our Behind the Scenes 2018 we laughed a lot, looking at the images used for the Best of this year we felt honored for all that was.
I will try not to go too far and not to be too exaggerated (as Andrea often says), but retrace wedding after wedding this 2018 we realize how much satisfaction we had, the goals we have achieved and above all of how many emotions we have felt. Wedding photography is also empathy and the passion we put into what we do allows us to reach it … and we are grateful for that.
Ok, in the end I have gone on too long as ever and it is time to show you our Best of 2018, which is what this year was for us.

Good vision! (Watch it in HD!)

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