New brand, new website, us.

Ilaria&Andrea: a totally new brand

Our happiness is through the roof in being able to finally tell you this news called Ilaria & Andrea. It was an idea we had been thinking about for a while and after our wedding it had strengthened even more. Thanks to the wedding we felt changed and different, for the better, as if that bond that had been holding us together for more than 10 years had taken on a whole new, stronger form: we were even more a team.

Our work is first of all our greatest passion. We put our heart and soul and a lot of time to be able to offer to our couples an experience that is always superior each year, to continuously improve ourselves and keep up with the innovations that this sector offers.

Our passion has become our life and as such, it should reflect us as much as possible.

From here everything was born, the new brand was born, the new image, the new way to expose who we are and what we do. From here Ilaria & Andrea was born.

This brand marks in some ways a “new beginning”, but for others a continuation of what in the last seven years has been called emotionTTL, to which we owe a lot, how much we owe to the couple who in these years have supported us and have allowed to make our dream live. We are always us, but with a greater awareness of what marriage means, because we have (finally :)) tried it in the first person and we believe that this changes everything. Here’s what has changed and that’s why we wanted to transfer this change in our brand too.

We are excited to show you the new site and the collection of stories contained in the gallery and we are curious to know what you think about it.

Inside the site you will also find the section reserved for the blog, a must and which we really care about, with a totally new photo shoot, in the ever romantic Venice.

Thanks again for the support you have given us and that you are continuing to show us day after day. You are our most powerful charge.

Ilaria & Andrea

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