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A mountain wedding proposal

I will tell you the story of this mountain wedding proposal.

We love taking pictures of wedding proposals. The reactions are always different from the other … there are those who start jumping on the spot, those who scream and those who remain breathless and speechless, as in this case.

Max had been planning this surprise for months.
When we met to talk about the details, he told us that he wanted to give his girlfriend a photo shoot gift and that he would propose to marry her on that occasion! It had to be all top secret.

Linda had the desire to have some photos of them in the mountains, surrounded by an enchanting snowy landscape … so why not surprise her in surprise?
The location remained a secret until that morning and Linda’s eyes already read immense happiness.
We had thought of everything … we just had to wait for the perfect moment. So with the excuse of positioning ourselves in a certain way, we made sure Linda turned her back on Max. It was time.

A warm sun lit them, an extremely pleasant temperature, a breathtaking view around us. When she turned around and saw her boyfriend kneeling, with the ring glistening in the box, she was literally breathless and speechless. It was an incredible moment, so intimate and full of meaning.
This is why I believe that such a moment deserves a memory, because it is the beginning of something wonderful.

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