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An amazing marriage in Italy

Telling the true emotions, authentic moments and situations as they happen is the best way to immerse oneself in those moments, even if they didn’t experience them firsthand. Today I really want to let you experience the marriage in Italy of this couple through their wedding reportage. What does the term “reportage” mean? Take a look at the video you find HERE to discover its true meaning!

That day started in an amazing way, with that unique frenzy that distinguishes the preparations, but also those moments of relaxation in which we concentrate by thinking about the great step we are about to take. It was during this phase that one of the most exciting moments of the whole day took place. The bride and her friends gathered in a circle, hand in hand, to pray. It was a really exciting time.

And then the ceremony … with touching words during the exchange of promises and tears impossible to hold back. Anyone present at that time could fully perceive the atmosphere of love and affection present in the room and the intensity of the bond that unites the spouses.

When the sun was now disappearing behind the horizon, giving us a wonderful sunset, and the heat was less intense, the spouses gave themselves a few minutes just for them, admiring the sea that was tinged with golden and pink shades and hugging each other.

Now enough words … I show you this marriage in Italy. Click on the play button and take a five minute break!

The team:
– Location: Hotel Riviera Le Terrazze
– Photography: Ilaria&Andrea Photography
– Flowers: Michela Flowers & Design
– Cake: Mug Bakery

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