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An intimate ceremony in Italy

Inside the villa Borgo dei Conti della Torre, there is a small church, perfect for intimate ceremonies. That little church is perfect for fantasizing about how to set it up, with simple but effective details, to exalt the atmosphere of recollection it is able to give. Precisely for this reason, Gaia, the bride, had decided to decorate it with boho details and candles on the edges of the nave … a marvelous result!

One thing we love to do while we are shooting is to constantly try to contextualize what we are photographing, so as to tell in a single image, more than one story and make sure that the viewer feels somehow immersed in the scene, as if he had lived it in the first person.

For this reason Andrea, when the bride was walking the last few meters before entering the church, decided to take advantage of those fabulous candles. He crouched down, put the camera at floor level, and thanks to the adjustable screen, he tried to incorporate the flames of the candles into the frame.

He took many, while the last guests were entering in  the church and chose this, in which the bride emerges in some way between the various people, with that smile of a person who is living the most exciting day of his life.

Fuji XT2 + Fuji 35mm f1.4
1/2000 sec, f1.4, iso 200

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