Behind the picture: lights game | Wedding at Castello Bevilacqua

A magical atmosphere

It was a good day for a wedding at Castello Bevilacqua. The sun had just set behind the clouds and the lights of the roof garden of the castle were lit, creating a magical and dreamy atmosphere. In an area of ​​the park stood a glazed structure that was the roof of the entrance hall to the location, located on the lower floor. It had immediately attracted our attention, above all because of decorative lights.

The reflections that formed as we moved closer to the structure teased our curiosity and creativity. The bride and groom on one side of the structure and us on the opposite side, with two layers of glass and a row of lights separating us. It was enough to move a few centimeters to obtain continuously different reflections, bringing out more or less the shining of the illuminations. It was the perfect time to take this kind of photo because the sun had already set, but its light still illuminated the sky and the newlyweds, still giving us a good light condition to shoot without the use of additional lighting. We liked this a lot because in this way we could keep a true atmosphere in the picture. At the same time, however, this quantity of light was not too strong, so as to allow the illuminations to stand out and be clearly visible.

FujiXT2 + 23 f2 @2, 1/250, iso 1000

Vi auguro una splendida giornata,


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