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Venice at dawn

Have you ever visited Venice at dawn? If you have never done so, add it to your list because it is an experience that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Although we had already been there and had already lived at that time of day, the amazement was the same as the first time.

It is usually a busy city, submerged by tourists who walk in its alleyways and discover it losing themselves along its streets. But at dawn it’s another story. The streets are completely deserted and the only noise you can hear is that of your own steps. You can appreciate views and details that are hidden by the tide of people in the day and when you come out in Piazza San Marco … the eyes are filled with wonder.
I think that only at this time of day can you really appreciate the beauty of the monuments and buildings overlooking the square. The feeling of being in that city so chaotic and seeing it completely deserted is surreal and worth any alarm in the middle of the night to be there at sunrise.

Ester and Christopher were of the same idea and when we meet couples like them, fearless and brave, we are happy!
We talked about their life in Sweden, how complicated it was to organize a wedding living thousands of miles away, but how enthusiastic they were to live this period and to get a taste of the emotion they will experience on their wedding day through the engagement session . And we like it, we will keep a wonderful memory of that day.

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