Engagement session in Trieste

Engagement session in Trieste in the early morning

Prematrimoniali a Trieste

The morning light has a charm all its own…isn’t it?

As madly in love with the warm, golden light of sunset, I find that the atmosphere of the morning is unique in its kind, particularly, perhaps because you have fewer opportunities to photograph it. And then the city is deserted and it can be appreciated in all its beauty.

Trieste has a special place in the heart for this American couple because the origins of Elisa come from here. So, when it came to choosing the place of their engagement session, the decision was easy!

Elisa and Spencer have had one of the most beautiful squares in Europe for them, kissed by an amazing. And while the clock continued to flow without us noticing, we spent together those moments in total carelessness, seeing them laughing and joking with each other.

The sea in the background, the sun starting to warm the air and an almost unreal silence. We listened to their story, surrounded by all this and already we were traveling with imagination thinking about their big day … and looking at their eyes, they were doing it too!

Vi auguro una splendida giornata,


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