Elopement in Venice

An elopement in the most romantic city in the world

Venice is always a good choice when it comes to romance. The historic buildings and the light reflected on the golden mosaics and on the lagoon water make it extremely magical. This Turkish couple has chosen Venice as a destination for their elopement, in love with the history and beauty of this city … and how to blame it? It has a charm that always like. They were really sweet, they exchanged kisses and intense hugs, regardless of the crowd in person who walked beside them.

Venice is all to be discovered. For this reason, after meeting them at Piazza San Marco and taking advantage of the light that illuminated it, we went into the alleys that are always a revelation.
Every time we shoot a couple in this city, we always notice something new, an alley or a square or a calla. Getting lost in its streets is the best way to visit it.

The bride had a dream: a gondola ride along the canals, passing under the Bridge of Sighs… a wish that came true. She was happy, her eyes shining. Admiring Venice from that point of view is unique, to be done absolutely at least once in life. That is a day that they will always bring in the heart and we will always remember the immense happiness that shone from their eyes and their smiles.

Have a wonderful day,

Ilaria & Andrea

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