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A wonderful Dolomites wedding

Dolomites wedding

The sun was timidly making its appearance behind the mountains, drawing trails of light on the mountains. A light fog was thinning out as the temperatures got warmer, but you could already see that it would be a splendid day. When I arrived at the bride’s house, I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and joy of Lisa and her family. Slowly I began to discover all the details that they had organized for that day, from the very particular car that would have led the bride from the future husband, to the why of the choice of those places, to the various details!

The care and enthusiasm with which they had organized that day and the impatience of seeing each other and reciprocally exchanging their promises was perceived. All this happened in a small church with an intimate atmosphere, surrounded by the mountains of Dolomites, under an unusually warm sun for the period.

We had come from Tuscany in the night and the tiredness was not heard in the least, because we were happy to be there, and honored to witness so much joy and emotion all gathered in so little space. It was a day that not only the couple will bring into the heart!

The team:

Bridal dress: Lambert Creations, Atelier Rosaria Zippo a Bolzano
Hairstyle: Simple Hairdresser
Flowers: Angolo Verde, Pieve di Cadore
Location: Monaco Sport Hotel, Santo Stefano di Cadore
Photography: Ilaria&Andrea

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