Destination wedding in Australia – Melbourne

Karen and Alessandro’s destination wedding in Australia.

Flying to Australia for a wedding was an indescribable experience that we still struggle to believe. We realize it only by looking at the pictures we took, while we think back to the wonderful moments we had in the company of these two guys and their families.
December was a crazy month for us, full of weddings and with more or less long trips. Perhaps this seems to us an absurd experience, because our Australian adventure lasted a week and then we started again to document weddings in Italy.
The fact is that we keep indelible memories of those days and I can not wait to show you the story of this day.
The wedding day was rather windy and in the ocean there were very inviting waves for those who practiced kitesurfing. All this made the atmosphere even more special.
Seeing them realize their dream was exciting, especially because this step meant another important piece of their Australian adventure. And they were united more than ever, with families and friends literally arriving from the other side of the world to witness that special “Yes”. There were several particularly touching moments, which conveyed all the affection and love that bound the participants at that ceremony. Being there was really an honor because we felt part of that big family.

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