Cristina & Luigi: engagement session near the sea

An engagement session between gardens and sea

Do you ever happen, when you leave for a trip (which is more or less far from home), to feel strongly the lack of something? It happens to me often and what I miss most is definitely the sea (and good Italian food if it is a foreign destination … of course I never deny myself!). And it is right near the sea of our Gulf of Trieste that we have taken the engagement session of Cristina and Luigi.

Try to imagine a perfect spring day from practically summer temperatures, blue and green around us and a beautiful red dress. These colors juxtaposed together, they are together that is a wonder! And in addition we have put in the middle also the light that has given us fabulous situations of light and shadow to play with. We will never cease to appreciate the gifts that nature can give us.

Vi auguro una splendida giornata,


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