Behind the Picture: contextualize the photo

Contextualize the photo

Contextualize the photo is one of the aspects on which we focus on each photo shoot. We like the idea to enclose in a single photo more stories and to immerse those who weren’t present at that moment, in the scene we are photographing.

To do so, we use the elements we find available at that time, be it people, objects or elements of that environment. In the picture I wanted to talk about today, the couple were busy chatting with the guests during the reception. A carefree moment of complete relaxation. In the room where the refreshment was taking place, there were some windows with the bellows closure. At that moment, the windows were closed and if you were positioned perfectly in front of them, you could see, among the individual windows, the guests sitting at the tables.

So there came the idea: we just had to wait for the newlyweds to position themselves there. Several minutes passed and if with one eye I was careful to photograph the scene, with the other I always tried to see if the couple would have positioned exactly where I needed to get that picture that I had in mind. And here it is. The bride approaches a table to chat with the guests and yes, it is in perfect position. With the lens attached to the glasses I start to shoot, moving a few inches to the right and then left, to get the shot that would make that scene stand out more. It was all a game of reflections and centimeters, to make the bride perfectly clear between the windows and around a reflection of the room.

Once we downloaded the images, I was really curious to see the result that would come out … and yes, it was just the image that I had in mind.

FujiXT2 + 35mm f1.4
1/200, f1.4, ISO 1000

Here there is the Before&After

[twenty20 img1=”6312″ img2=”6310″ offset=”0.5″]

This image was taken from the wedding of Eleonora and Tiziano … if you want to take a look at the complete story, click HERE!

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