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A charmed vineyard wedding in Italy

Susanna and Riccardo’s charmed vineyard wedding in Italy

During Susanna and Riccardo’s engagement session we could see how much complicity and harmony there was between them. I was curious to witness their reactions during the wedding day, especially at moments when emotion is out of control. That morning there was a special smile on their faces and the eyes traveled with the imagination. Feeling the sound of the rain outside the window was irrelevant … that wasn’t important. And, as often happens, the weather has decided to give a gift to these two people so positive, making the clouds thin and giving them a beautiful sun!

And in one of my favorite moments throughout the day, when the bride arrives to the church, they made everyone move. It was wonderful to watch the way they looked at each other for the duration of the ceremony was pure joy. Riccardo couldn’t take his eyes off her. For them it was a dream and listening the reactions immediately after the end of the ceremony made it clear how intense that moment had been.

And once arrived at Baronesse Tacco, the landscape was splendid. Hills planted with vineyards, a play of light created by the sun and clouds and the look that traveled from one side of the landscape to the other. They spent really carefree moments on that lawn overlooking that view, in the company of their friends and relatives. And when in the end, just before the cut of the cake, the sun gave us a crazy light during the sunset, we were all enchanted by so much beauty. It was the perfect end of a day to remember!

Location: Baronesse Tacco
Music: Djs for Party
Catering: Ai 3 amici

Photography: Ilaria&Andrea

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