A Susans Castle wedding | Udine wedding photographer

An unforgettable day Thinking about Angela and Gianluca’s wedding, there are definitely two things that come to my mind: a wish to be together and have fun! Already from the morning, while Angela walked from room to room, first talking to her friends and then going to take a...

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A Casa Gobbato wedding | Intimate wedding photographer in Italy

An elegant wedding in Italy Alessandra and Alberto had given us an anticipation of how sweet and delicate they were in their engagement at Park of Talking Tree in Treviso. They clasped each other and embraced themselves with great engagement. Alessandra’s expression, when I saw her that afternoon, a...

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Wedding at Duino Castle Trieste – Italy

From England to Italy I love this wedding at Duino Castle. Kate is adorable and I realized that the beautiful words written in the first email. She was creating, step by step, the dream of their destinationwedding in Italy, in a castle overlooking the sea. She dreamed peonies and...

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