Italian wedding inspiration in Villa Buonvisi

Italian wedding in Tuscany Italian wedding is a dream. Italy is a country full of wonderful landscapes, ancient traditions and excellent food and wine. Many couples, coming from all over the world, choose Italy to get married and among the preferred territories of the couples there is certainly Tuscany.This...

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Destination wedding in Australia – Melbourne

Karen and Alessandro’s destination wedding in Australia. Flying to Australia for a wedding was an indescribable experience that we still struggle to believe. We realize it only by looking at the pictures we took, while we think back to the wonderful moments we had in the company of these...

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Dolomites wedding | Mountain photographer

A wonderful Dolomites wedding Dolomites wedding The sun was timidly making its appearance behind the mountains, drawing trails of light on the mountains. A light fog was thinning out as the temperatures got warmer, but you could already see that it would be a splendid day. When I arrived...

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