A Castle winter wedding | Ilaria&Andrea photography

Celebrating the wedding at the Castle of San Giusto in Trieste is a great way to be immersed in the history of the city while admiring the splendid view of the Gulf.

This couple had chosen to marry a few days before Christmas and that magical atmosphere typical of this period has helped make that day even more engaging.

They were beaming and their smiles showed the impatience of meeting and exchanging promises and at the same time, there was the tension of someone taking a big step.
I find it unbelievable the way love makes it possible to provoke emotions apparently so conflicting with each other and I say apparently, because in reality, in their heart, the desire was only one and it was common.

The bride, above her dress, had a beautiful hooded cloak that conveyed an incredible feeling of warmth and softness.
Needless to say that when the groom saw her, he was speechless and breathless!

It was a very heartfelt and engaging day, made up of hugs, smiles and sweetness with the peculiarity of having taken place entirely after sunset. An unusual choice that, however, in my opinion, was apt and perfect for their idea of ​​wedding.

This is important. The whole day of the wedding, from the choice of the dress to the location, should reflect the couple, their history and their way of being, to make them feel fully at ease and to fully realize their dream. And I can assure you that for this couple, it was their big day.

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