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A castle wedding in Italy

Each wedding is unique in its kind because what distinguishes it from others is the people who participate, first of all, the bride and the groom and this castle wedding in Italy was amazing. It is for this reason that every wedding is unexpected and original and I am always curious to find out what that day holds for me.
The first moment when you can already get some clues are the preparations. In those moments, as you approach the dressing, the emotion is palpable and the reactions of the brides and friends are different every time. For Tanja, it was a situation full of intense sensations: the hands were trembling and the eyes were always shinier … She tried to hold back the tears as much as possible so as not to ruin the makeup, but when you are so excited, you can’t command the heart. Her friends were fantastic and gathering in a circle around her they made her feel all their love.

She was splendid in her dress and when Andrea saw her cross the aisle of the church, him face and him eyes spoke for themselves. Many had come to watch that moment. The church, rather large, was packed with people and you can imagine what this means at the confetti time! Yes, my shoes were full of rice, let alone what it must have been for the newlyweds!

From then on it was a great party, started with a very relaxing atmosphere in the inner garden of the Castle and continued with wild dances after the cutting cake. And the cut of the cake? It was a really intense moment because at the end of it the bride’s father picked up the microphone. The words he addressed to the couple and in particular to his daughter, have moved many guests!

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