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A vineyard wedding

In the wedding day is all special and different from when you wake up. At home with Anna, in addition to her parents, there were her sister and her friend that she knew of a lifetime, and when I say this is not so to say. They know each other since they are tiny, have shared everything and have literally grown together. I find that such a strong and lasting friendship is simply wonderful. Laughter and smiles filled the room where Anna was preparing, although in the depths we all did not see the time to see her wearing her dress and that decorated veil. The marvelous expressions of all, as soon as they saw her dressed in white, spoke alone.

Waiting for her in the church there were a lot of people and Raffaele was waiting for her at the end of the nave. The eyes of the witnesses, the sighs of the groom … how much I love this moment. And then it came, happy and sunny and the tension vanished … everything was re-established because they were together.

The day was perfect and a light wind cooled the air. For the reception part, the bride and groom had thought of wonderful details, first of all the dinner outdoors, under the stars. When was the time to sit at the tables, the sun had just gone down and the sky had stained with warm colors and lit up, then blurred in the blue. The candle lights created a marvelous, relaxed and evocative atmosphere. I personally love to stay outdoor, but I also love to eat: let’s say that joining the two is really the perfect mix and if only one of the guests thought it like me, well, he had a great evening!

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Bridal Dress: Miramode
Groom suit: Rigutti
Flowers: Il giardino di Sara
Music: Djs 4 party
Location of the reception: Castelvecchio, Sagrado
Catering: il Parco di Buttrio

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