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Boho destination wedding in Italy

Today I talk to you about this boho destination wedding in Italy.

More and more couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding in the fall, a season that knows how to give wonderful colors as much as spring or summer. The temperatures are milder and the colors of the sunset are tinged with a light of their own.

The day on which this wedding took place was truly perfect. Friends and relatives who had come from all over the world were able to enjoy a unique atmosphere, surrounded by vegetation that had been tinged with red and illuminated by a pleasant sunlight. Thus, while sitting in the place where the outdoor ceremony would be celebrated, they could admire a splendid panorama around them, with an atmosphere of joy and the sound of laughter that was the background.

The couple take care of every detail despite living abroad. They had a clear idea of what they wanted it to be that day and surely seeing it come true made it immensely happy and amazed at the same time.

When Veronica walked the aisle covered with colored leaves that led her to Reza, everything became even more real, not only in their eyes, but also for all those guests who at that moment were barely holding back their tears.

It was a great party, a splendid opportunity to meet all together in the same place, to cut the miles away and celebrate the birth of a new family together. And you could read it from the eyes of the couple. They were happy, relaxed and enjoying the moment … this is by far the most important thing of all.

I show you below the complete reportage of this boho destination wedding in Italy through this slideshow!

The team:
Location: L’ultimo Mulino
Bridal dress: Pronovias – Bride Project Buttrio
Flowers: Fioreria Turchet

Photography: Ilaria&Andrea

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