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Unexpected reactions

What I’m going to tell you today is another moment that I particularly love on the wedding day. After having tried it in person during my preparations I understand how much that moment is so full of emotion that I can not hold back tears and joy.

I was on the floor above with the bride, waiting for her to finish getting ready. The veil arrived first and then the bouquet. By now she was ready to go down and be seen by all the relatives who had come to her house to start celebrating! I went down the stairs before her, I positioned myself in such a way as to be able to capture in one image both her descent and her dad’s reaction. On that occasion I set the continuous focus and the focus point on her, so as not to have to recompose continuously.

Here she is. I saw the skirt first, then, as she came down the stairs, I saw her excited smile. I focused on her and started shooting. Dad’s reaction was moving. He could not hold back the tears in seeing his daughter in all her beauty, on that very important day, while she was reaching an important milestone in her life.

Thinking back to that moment, I still shudder. They were so sweet and excited and their shiny eyes expressed a feeling of uncontrollable joy!

Canon 5D mk IV + canon 35mm f2 IS USM
1/320 sec, f2.2, ISO 3200

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