Behind the scene 2018

Our backstage

We have just concluded our 2018 weddings season and that moment of the year has come when we look back, to take a look at what happened and what we did. And flipping through the photos of weddings, we inevitably stumbled into our “backstage”, with lots of laughter from us (also inevitable). Yes, it’s time to show you our Behind the scenes 2018.

In this post you will see a little bit of everything, from the flash tests, to my favorite veil launcher (Andrea is always unbeatable in this!), to expressions that would be better left in the hard disk and tragicomic situations.

Ready? We start with some backstage photos taken from engagement sessions, where we are dressed a little more comfortable than the wedding day.

Here you can admire me in all my agility! On the other hand, if to take the picture that I had in mind I have to climb the rocks, what could I do?

Here’s what happens when the couple who were photographing up to just before with their feet immersed in the river invites you to do the same! It was nothing short of icy!

A backstage photo taken from engagement session in Australia. I’ll publish the blog post about this photo shoot with the new year, so stay tuned!

And now we start with photos taken during weddings … ready to have fun?

I looking for reflections … even if I look more passionate about glasses full of Prosecco in this case.

Face from: “Oops, you saw me!”

The bride arrives! The bride arrives!

Andrea has a dowry in photographing me in moments when I have the best expressions!

The feline shot. We certainly keep ourselves in training during the wedding season.

Scenes of everyday life.

The bride and groom are about to leave the church to throw the rice. We like being in the heart of the scene, immersed in the crowd or in the front row (with the result that we are submerged with rice more than the couple!).

From the expression it seems that I wanted to attack the buffet … in reality I just wanted to photograph it (yes, of course).

And here it is my favorite veils / trail launcher!

I lost count of how many times I took this position. There are two things: I wear wedges or I have to have a ladder!

Andrea portrayed in his particular moment of “Andrea sees things”.

In the picture on the left you can see how Andrea is doing me as a tester to find the best place to photograph the bride and groom with that wonderful landscape … and on the right while he is communicating to the bride and groom that they will have to go up there! Our couples never get back for photos!

Winter is coming and Christmas decorations are exploited … assuming the most absurd positions.

You are wondering what Andrea is doing in this picture … not only does he do me the favor of replacing the wind by throwing the veils, but also acts as clouds obscuring the sunlight on the couple. A man to marry … ops, already done!

Here’s what happens when you enter a Spa to reach a place where to photograph the bride and groom. The funny thing is that we took this picture without knowing that the other had done the same. We are now telepathic.

And during the reception? Find the intruder!

And how not to show the fabulous expressions of the moment “flash test”? They are the best betrayal shots!

When I try to get “serious” photos and I’m worse than “flash proof” photos.

The alternative selfie of the photographers … because the mirrors are irresistible!

And not just the mirrors, I would add! (Also in this case we took the same picture, without knowing it, in two completely different moments of the afternoon). We are hopeless!

When the party begins we throw ourselves into the fray, to take a close look at the newlyweds and the guests who are having fun. It happens that we take a nudge or a beat on the foot, but it’s worth it!

Also this year I had a lot of fun writing this post because, apart from the ridiculous expressions that we do without realizing it, it is always pleasant and exciting to relive those moments. I remember the sounds, the laughter, the music at full volume, the heat, the cold wind, the emotions. Photography is the best time machine, no doubt!

Have a beautiful day,


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