Behind the picture: the two men of her life | a Spessa Castle Wedding

A touching moment

And here we are, at the second article of our rubric “Behind the picture”. The last time I told you about the reason for which this new appointment was born and I showed you a picture that was liked, both us and those who follow us, really very much. Today we are still a bit in theme with the previous article, talking about the moment immediately following the entry into the church of the bride.

It was a wonderful day in July and it was blowing a light wind. In the shadow of the tall pines of Spessa Castle, the guests and the groom were waiting for the bride to arrive, in an atmosphere of total peace and intimacy. She came and hugged her father walked across the lawn strewn with rose petals, and then finally reach her future husband. That was when we took that picture. The bride’s father shook hands with the groom and did not need words to express the joy he was feeling at that moment. A look, a smile, was enough. It was a touching moment, full of emotion that seemed to last forever, yet it was only a moment.

The bride looked at her dad with eyes full of happiness. It was a goal to have arrived there and she was lucky to have found the person to share a life with. In this shot you can not see it, but I assure you that the eyes of the groom shone as much as those of his future wife. Everything was perfect.

What happened as soon as the bride’s dad went to sit down was equally exciting. The bride and groom looked at each other, clasped their hands tightly, incredulous to be able to feel so much joy, they kept on looking, and the tears that until then had managed to remain trapped, descended along the face.

Canon 5D mk III + canon 70-200mm f/2.8L II USM 
1/800 sec, f 2.8, ISO 200

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