Behind the picture: here comes the bride

That moment so exciting

With the birth of Ilaria&Andrea there were some news, some of which we had indicated in the article dedicated to the launch of the new brand, and others that we would reveal from time to time (who subscribes to the Newsletter knows it well, because discovers in advance what are the upcoming releases and upcoming news). Today is the time to present one of them. This is a new rubric that will keep us company every week and that is called “behind the picture”.

This idea arises from the fact that there are some situations, during the wedding day, that hide behind a more complex and articulated history than that visible in the photo. We are convinced that a beautiful picture must already tell a story by itself, representing something more than a simple “freezing” of that moment, but when that situation arose from something happened before, how is it possible to know the whole story if were not you physically present at that moment?

For this reason we want to make you even more involved in what happens to us, what incredible situations we are lucky to see and document. In a blog post dedicated to an entire marriage this would be very difficult because the story would be lost among the multiple lines of a post and would not have the right importance, lost among the series of episodes that there are to tell.

We can say that this rubric was born thanks to a photo that has aroused curiosity and amazement in many of you and I again take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful words we have received. THANK YOU!

The picture I was talking about is the one you can see below. For photography lovers who have asked for it, these are the shooting data and the equipment used to make the photo:

Canon 5D mk IV + canon 85mm 1,8
1/250 sec, f 1,8, ISO 5000

italian wedding photographer

The story

I remember perfectly what happened when Sara was about to reach the church. I remember getting out of the car, went inside the church to support the bag, greeted Michele (excited and eager to see his future wife … his eyes were already shining) and came back out of the church to wait. At that moment the curtains were still open.

The bride’s car arrived and a guest noticed that, because of the position in which the driver had stopped, Michele would have seen Sara, so he closed them. Andrea had noticed all this and positioned himself in such a way as to have the best view for the shot he had in mind. The result was a real surprise entry! The father of the bride took the curtains and with a quick movement opened them and then closed them, so as to create even more suspense. Click! A collective laugh resounded in the church: it was really a fabulous situation and lasted for a moment. Michele turned and when Sara’s father reopened the curtains, he saw her, smiling more than ever.

I can absolutely say that this is one of the most incredible scenes of last season and I am happy to have told it.

Have a wonderful day,

Ilaria & Andrea

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