Behind the picture: family portrait | Wedding in Verona

A special family portrait

After our wedding, I understood even more how important family portraits are, in any form, whether they are more constructed portraits, or taken in completely spontaneous moments.

As I climbed the stairs to the room where the bride was preparing, I saw a sideboard full of photographs from every time. I paused a bit to look at them … then I saw the mirror. I had just got an idea.

Observing well what was the reflection projected in the mirror, I noticed that I would have seen exactly the bride go down those stairs … she in the reflection and the whole story of her family to frame them.

This photo was born this way, from the curiosity to take a peek into their lives, to see the important moments of that family and create new ones.

When the bride came downstairs, I was positioned in such a way as not to see myself reflected in the mirror, but to be able to see in a single image both her and the frames. I took an endless burst and of all we chose this … she smiling, ready to experience another exciting moment of her life.

Fuji XT2 + 23 f1.4 @ 2.8
1/200, iso 1600

I also show you the Before and After, that is how the photo was taken and how it was then elaborated.

[twenty20 img1=”3511″ img2=”351o” offset=”0.5″]

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