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The moment before Yes, I do

If there is a phase, on the wedding day, which I particularly like, this is definitely the phase of the bride’s preparations. The way you can perceive the continuous change of mood is incredible and I love to capture it in the photographs. During this moment of preparation, there is really a lot of time to experiment and look for more refined shots. The elements available to play with light and with the context are many, first of all, the mirror. Almost always, in the place where the bride is dressing, there is a mirror that immediately attracts my attention. There are all kinds, more or less simple, but when I see the one with the faceted outer edges, I lose control of my index finger … as happened for this photo.

The reason why we often search for a mirror or other elements made available by that context is to isolate the subject from the rest, eliminating a hypothetical disorder, cables or electrical sockets or anything that can distract attention from the subject. We love clean images and we like to get them directly in the camera, without the effect of Photoshop that would certainly be easier in some cases, but it would take away the satisfaction of being able to do without it.

To get this image, I positioned myself practically attached to the mirror, at the point where the facet was present. It took only a slight movement to get totally different images from each other and after finding the frame that I preferred I started shooting. I made several because here the only variable at stake was not just my position, but also that of the bride and make-up artist.

I chose this image among those in the series because I liked the way in which this delicate atmosphere with warm and delicate hues was highlighted.

Canon 5D mk IV + Canon 50mm f1.2 L USM
1/320sec, f2, ISO400

Have a wonderful day!


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