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A Burano photoshoot

Who has never had the opportunity to visit Burano, do it! Take a free day and lose yourself in the colorful streets of this country, admiring the combinations and the multitude of colors of the facades of the houses. You can imagine how exciting it is to do a Burano photoshoot.

After the ups and downs to reach the island, as soon as you dock with the ferry you can already admire the first colorful houses that are just a taste of what awaits the tourist as soon as he takes the first road.

Getting lost in the streets while you are looking for a specific color is very easy and the inspirations are certainly not lacking. There are really nice views that deserve to be savored. It almost seems to be in a parallel reality as far as this place is unusual.

Anna and Mauro had never visited it and it was a great discovery … anyway, how can you not be fascinated by such a beautiful place? Now I show you some photos taken from their photo shoot in Burano.

If you want to see more, watch the video!

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